With an increased focus on self-care & wellness, environmental awareness and ethical considerations, consumers are choosing plant-based food products more than ever before.  

We all know that food that’s closer to how nature intended is better for us and often better for the planet. But the reality is, it can be less appealing than the pre-prepared options and can also seem like it takes longer to prep.  Consumers need nutritional support that slots into their daily routine without drama:  That’s easy to understand, simple to make and enjoyable to consume. Because if you're anything like us, that’s the only way something will go from gathering dust on your kitchen bench to actually becoming a habit. 

It’s why we started Grass Roots. We're all about delivering more goodness for less effort. Just sprinkle, mix, or drizzle to give your food a premium nutritional boost. 

Grass Roots delivers a range of simple and nutritious health-focused products that anyone can add to everyday meals + snacks, to sneak in an extra boost and be sure your body won’t miss out on what it needs. 

We also believe in building a sustainable food system that provides nutrition for all and has a positive environmental, economic, and social impact.  We care about all activities involved in the production, processing, distribution, preparation, and consumption of our products. It’s a lot to think about, but it is our goal to continue to develop the Grass Roots range until our supply chain aligns to our vision.  

Lucky for us, hemp is one of the most sustainable crops in the world so we are starting from a good place! To find out more about hemp and its benefits, jump to Why Hemp

Learn more about our Health Foods range at mygrassroots.com.au