At Cann Global, we believe in the partnership of nature and science to deliver effective, natural and innovative solutions.

The future of both industrial hemp will be determined by the popularity of products and applications that create revenue for the whole supply chain from farmers and manufacturers, through to consumers.  Most importantly, if the products being made are seen as beneficial to consumers, which can only be achieved through educating on the benefits of hemp.

This is why it is important for CGB to ensure we are always educating through our products, brands and key business activities.  Fear and misconceptions about industrial hemp create blockages to growth, and it is important for the growth of the industry that we re-establish the truth. The hemp industry has a real opportunity to play a leading role in the future of agriculture; bringing a new ‘cash-crop’ that is efficient and sustainable, creating jobs across the entire supply chain and continuing to develop ‘hemp innovation’.

Although cannabis has a rich history dating back thousands of years for medicinal use, years of prohibition have halted scientific research to understand its benefits. We are seeing progress on this front, but the effects of prohibitionist ideologies continue to impact the ways in which medical cannabis is viewed.

As we see an expansion into research and regulatory updates for medical cannabis – now more than ever it is important to focus efforts on education and professionalisation to help patients and doctors alike to understand the effects and potential of Cannabis for medical development

With medical cannabis becoming increasingly more available and ‘mainstream’, credible education is necessary on the plant’s benefits. We are seeing a growing curiosity around cannabis, but a plethora of misinformation still surrounds cannabis, which leads to uncertainty from the public and healthcare professionals for use in therapeutic settings.

While the scientific community begins to play catch up, there remains a knowledge gap among healthcare professionals despite rising patient demand.  Healthcare professionals play an integral role in bridging the gap between the expanding industry, shifting legislation and rapidly evolving science.

This makes it more important than ever to bring a level of legitimacy and raise the standards in this industry, ensuring the stigma will continue to dissolve.  We strongly believe in the impact of patients and doctors’ education on reducing the historical and current stigma and we continue to be involved in advocacy campaigns, as well as ongoing support through key stakeholder sponsorships.