Cann Global’s cosmeceutical range was launched this year (2022) under the brand Fuss Pot:  Hemp-powered skincare for picky people. 

The Fuss Pot range was developed by our expert Research and Development team, to combine hemp and/or CBD with other efficacious plant-based active ingredients, within innovative delivery systems to offer a new level of efficacy.  The outcome for consumers, was to give them a range that didn’t require them to choose between powerful skincare with side effects, and traditional natural skincare that didn’t have the science behind it to ensure it worked.


The term ‘cosmeceutical’ is becoming more common in the natural and organic skincare space. The word describes a topically applied product that bridges the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceutical-grade creams. A cosmeceutical is a skincare product that contains a naturally derived active compound that is intended for the enhancement of both the health and beauty of skin.

In summary, cosmeceuticals are specialised effective skincare products which are halfway between cosmetic skincare and prescription pharmaceutical skincare.


In Europe the cosmeceutical industry is more regulated than in other markets, as such many international cosmeceutical brands must comply with European product standards, which is also the case for our Fuss Pot range.


The Fuss Pot range is dermatologically tested and all our ingredients are carefully selected for their efficacy and safety – that is, they are backed by science. Working in tandem to both nourish and transform skin, they are also 100% natural, contain considerately source ingredients, are vegan and cruelty free.

Learn more at imafusspot.com.