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Welcome to Cann Global

We believe in nature, science & building a stronger industry together.

We are working under the provision of legislation to ensure medical practitioners, patients and consumers are informed and have access to safe, effective and sustainable products.

Why Hemp?

Hemp, otherwise known as “cannabis sativa”, is a plant in the cannabis family, well known for it’s cousin marijuana. However, unlike marijuana, hemp (or industrial hemp as it is sometimes referred to as) contains no THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive molecule) and you’ll only find CBD (Cannabidiol) in the leaves – neither of these are found in the seeds which is the part we use in food, textiles, building materials etc. 


A versatile plant that has been used all over the world since pre-history, Hemp is one of the oldest known agricultural crops and as well as being nutritionally valuable, it also delivers in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability being regarded as a 'zero waste' crop with minimal inputs.


Here's more of what we know about hemp.



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Who is Cann Global?

We’re not new to this industry. Our adventure in the hemp and Cannabis space officially began in 2017, although our passion for natural health started much earlier and we’ve been involved in building this ‘new’ industry from scratch.  We combine industry expertise, advanced innovative capabilities and a human-centered approach. Our shared experience is what makes us knowledgeable, consumer-oriented and skilled enough to provide consumers with the best products.  We're proud of the network we've developed, our ongoing commitment to skills development and an enduring passion for what we do.  

Our Products

Medical cannabis the NEW way


Instacann's patented and world first tablets offer a convenient medical cannabis alternative, through the use of an innovative delivery system.

Powerful skincare for picky people


The transformative powers of hemp combined with potent botanicals to make a science-backed range unlike any other.

Boost your food



Simple, nutritious solutions for everyday life, that are premium in quality, requiring only a sprinkle, mix or drizzle to Boost Your Food.